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Affiliation Program by RevoTrade Easily become an Introducing Broker (IB) and receive amazing rewards thanks to our COMPETITIVE HYBRID REWARDS PLAN Recommend users and profit from their participation and trading activities Step by step guidance on how to be a successful Introducing Broker

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Copy from top traders and automatically earn as they do. Follow their strategies and dive deeper into the world of social trading.


Choose a leaderboard strategy that fits your profile best.
Simply filter all the details of the proposed strategies. Monitor and view in detail all open trades in the subscribed strategies of a trading account. Keep track of how your Social Trading subscriptions are performing.

The Master Trader is a key figure In our RevoTrade ecosystem. It’s a person who manages and operates his or her own trading account. This account is available in the RevoSocial Trading Leaderboard for those users who wish to copy and subscribe to it. The Master Trader sets the percentage from the profits of his Leaderboard
followers. The Master Trader chooses if the payment of the performance bonus is made
weekly or monthly.
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A 24 hour withdrawal process so fast that you
may end up receiving after only 2 hours !

RevoTrade’s social trading network is where users can interact with each other, comment on strategies proposed by other members, consult statistics and results of the Masters and even follow the analysis of experts in the sector. Chat, learn, collaborate and have fun in our community. And while you do that, recieve a return on your funds automatically and without moving a finger.

Become part of our social meeting webinar every Monday.
Find what our community has to offer.
Share your ideas, ask questions and get assisstance.
Be the first to hear the fresh news from the world of RevoTrade.

You can also…

Sell your own products or courses related to the financial industry.
Set the price yourself.
Watch your followers buy what you offer.

rewarding plan

An affiliate program like no other in the social trading world today. Generate profit from affiliates and from consumed lots. Aspire to become a Master Trader and earn even more.

Profits generated by the benefits obtained fromthose referred that are operating in Social Trading, of up to 4 levels.

The Introducing Broker (IB) will be entitled to profits from the consumed lots of their direct afliates and from their second level afliates
fully automated system done for you
So many reasons to become part of the RevoTrade world now! RevoTrade’s fully automated system is designed just for you. It takes social trading to another level where you can earn from trading, affiliates and followers. Our one and only Success Training Program gets you ahead fast and secure. Refer people to RevoTrade and expand the chances for profit. Don’t miss out on a social trading revolution in the making!